For the 5th time we are organizing the Amphiman in and around the Lakes of the Eau d’Heure on 11th of May 2019. The race takes place in a magnificent environment:

  • 5 lakes to be crossed by swimming
  • Hilly, most of the time in the woods
  • Mainly trails, sometimes even ‘no-trail’.
  • Water conditions equal to those in Sweden (11-13 degrees).
List of Participants

Marathon Distance (42 km)

  • Total: 42.8 km

  • Swimming: 6.35km

  • Running: 36.45 km

  • Ratio: 17.4 %

  • Sections: 14 trails, 13 swims

  • Energy stations: 5

  • GPS Tracking: Yes

  • Price money: Yes

  • Time gates: Yes
  • Insurance: Included

Half Marathon Distance (21 km)

  • Total: 21,8 km

  • Swimming: 2.8 km

  • Running: 19.0 km

  • Ratio: 14,9 %

  • Sections: 8 trails, 7 swims

  • Energy stations: 3

  • GPS Tracking: Yes

  • Price money: No

  • Time gates: No

  • Insurance: Included

“ÖTILLÖ Merit events are events that we think are the best in the class when it comes to safety, racer experience, race quality and race management. These events are usually the first events in the region and we see them as Lighthouses to guide the direction of Swimrun”

Michael Lemmel, Race Director ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series and Founder of Swimrun

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