The type of wetsuit rented are of the type HEAD Rough (or sometimes BASE)
They are very easy to run with.

The are not so thick though, hence not so warm. One should really consider wearing a underlayer for extra isolation.

Wetsuit Rental Amphiman Race

  • 40 euro rental fee
  • Pickup and Return on Race Day
  • No Waranty needed
  • No Transport costs

Wetsuit Rental Other Race

  • 40 euro rental fee
  • Is sent in advance
  • 100 Euro waranty (returned upon reception back)
  • 16 Euro shipping costs

The payment methods are Paypal or Moeny Transfer.

Please fill in the form here under. The size table and available sizes are appearing after choosing the right gender.

After filling in the form, you are transfered automatically to Paypal. If you choose not to use Paypal, please click the Cancel button, you are transferred back to the site.

You will find the money transfer data on that page. If any problems do contact the organisation at

The reservation is complete AFTER the payment.
You will not receive another confirmation when payment is accepted.

You will receive an email 1 week prior to the race in case of an Amphiman Race.
(The others are contacted directly)

Wetsuit HEAD Rough

This wetsuit has a base of 2 mm nylon covered neoprene that provides great mobility and ensures free movement of the hip area when running. Nylon covered neoprene inside and outside makes the suit durable and 3 mm panels on the chest and upper thighs increase buoyancy and improve swim position. The wetsuit includes a front and back zip for ease and 2 inner pockets. Neon coloured arms and back make for good visibility in the water. It also comes with a small, effective whistle for security.

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If another race is choosen, extra money is charged:
– 100 euro Waranty (which is returned when the wetsuit is sent back)
– 16 euro Transport Costs

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