The day schedule looks as follows:

(this may be subject to minor changes of which you will be informed through the news letters)

Saturday the 11th of May 2019

08:00 Opening race site and parcours verification
08:15 Opening secretariat and race number pick-up
09:45 Briefing in het auditorium (max 20 min). (MANDATORY)
10:45 Start Swimrun MARATHON distance
11:15 Start Swimrun HALF MARATHON distance
13:30 Arrival first race participants of the HALF MARATHON distance
15:20 Arrival first race participants of the MARATHON distance
16:00 Awards ceremony
18:00 Race neutralization

Detailed map

Half Marathon Track map
Garmin GPS link


These are the swim-run sections of the half marathon distance:

Running (km) Swimming (m) Total (km)
R1 2.63 S1 610
R2b 0.99 S3 190
R4 0.67 S4 200
R5 1.09 S5 660
R6 1.16 S6 140
R7 3.74 S7 270
R8 0.81 S8 340
R9b 5.13 S15 660
R15 2.25 0
18.47 3.07 21.54

Energy stations

We have foreseen 2 energy stations on the half marathon, plus one at the finish.

Energy Station Location on parcours Distance on Parcours (km)
ES2 start R7 8.4
ES3 halfway R9 14.7

Prize money

The organisation will award the following prize money:

Men Mixed Women
1st place Head Goodie Head Goodie Head Goodie
2nd place Head Goodie Head Goodie Head Goodie
3rd place Head Goodie Head Goodie Head Goodie
All participants A nice Amphiman 5th edition souvenir
All finishers Points for the OtillO Ranking system
All Teams present during the ceremony Chance of winning a Garmin Fenix sports watch